There is still quite a bit to do, even after the happy couple has said their vows. The two of them must cut the cake. The father of the bride must give a toast with a glass of champagne. And of course, share the first dance with his blushing bride he calls his daughter. Very traditional, but these time-honored things can make a wedding special. Maybe even heighten otherwise awkward moments in this increasingly modern era. Where things only last or have an impact for less than a second. Memories of a beautiful wedding can and should last a lifetime.

Many people get married, everyone has weddings. This is another reason why you should make yours special. It should stand out. Whether it be an expensive wedding where everyone is dressed to the nines. And every bit of the church or designated area is heavily decorated and glamorous. Or a simpler low-key wedding for only family and friends taking place in a small chapel or intimate setting. Either option is fine, just stick with the choice that makes you and your soon to be spouse feel good. This is all that matters, even if the bride’s parents are paying for it!

In conclusion, it is how the wedding makes the bride and groom feel that matters. Not the type of wedding they have. The biggest factors should be honoring and respecting the type of wedding they want. And above all, showing these feelings toward the couple themselves. This is possibly the happiest moment of their lives. Yet it can also be the most nerve-wracking. Standing in front of all of these people can give them the jitters. So they need all the kindness, sensitivity, and love from those around them. It is what they need the most on their special day.