There are a lot of time and costs involved in putting a wedding together. The large cake and the seating arrangements for guests of the bride and groom. Among others factors needing to be determined for the nuptials. Such as the best man and the bride’s maid, along with the ring bearer, wedding photographer Merida and flower girl. Dress and tuxedo fittings. At times, there are even rehearsal dinners to get the routine and the toasts exact. Sometimes even getting the wedding ceremony down to the tee. But this is not always the case. This is to simply give one an idea of how a wedding can be planned.

Other times, the affairs are more simple. The couple may just hire a wedding planner for a fee. Someone who takes them through the basic steps. This way the ceremony and preparation can avoid getting overblown, complicated, or expensive. The prospective bride and groom may only want an affordable ceremony with down to earth accommodations. A wedding that may not require a lot of prep, complicated seating arrangements, or every note the ceremony being predetermined. It may be as direct as the bridge and groom each walking down the aisle to stand in front of the minister. And then say their vows and exchange wedding rings before the eye of their loved ones.

Of course, there may also be bachelor and bachelorette parties the night before the big day. Whether or not they will actually involve strippers is anyone’s guess. And these are more on the dime of the best man and/or bride’s maid than apart of the actual wedding costs. Yet they are also very much included in the prenuptial traditions. Whether they are an ”official” portion or not, these have bonded the lucky couple with their soon to be wedding guests for many years. The taste of these parties, along with their level of alcohol consumption, is subjective. Yet are often considered fun parts of the wedding experience. And, in certain cases, adhere to the alleged tradition of the bride and groom seeing each other the night before the wedding. If one actually believes in it, that is.

Above all, these things represent not only a union of two people. Yet also two sides of an equation that becomes whole. One being the bride’s friends and family. The other belonging to the groom. And each of them become bigger than the sum of their parts as a result.